About Me

Welcome to my personal webpage! This is a portrait about myself and my journey to build and race a Class Globe 5.80 sailboat around the world. Join me as I document and share my experiences along the way.

Hi, my name is Fabian

Currently I work as a Project manager for Photovoltaic installations. I got into this line of work after completing my studies as an energy and environmental technician in 2021.

My professional origins, now a little more than a decade ago, came from an entirely different branch. In 2013 I finished my apprenticeship as a boatbuilder here in Switzerland and continued in this line of work for roughly 3 years.

Before the apprenticeship I had no real ties to Boating or Sailing. To be honest, I chose this path for the promise of an all-round broad skillset and Freedom, already dreaming of adventures around the world.

My first exposure to ocean sailing I had with my grandfather shortly after I had finished my apprenticeship. After a couple of months preparing his boat, a Beneteu oceanis clipper 43, in Mindelo (Cape Verde) we headed for the Caribbean where the boat was sold. The ocean crossing was done double handed. My grandfather was 79 at the time and I was 24.

About two years later I was thinking about furthering my career as a boatbuilder into the sailing and delivery industry. So, over the course of almost a year, I got my RYA yacht master Ocean in South Africa and started doing some deliveries for PYD (Professional yacht Deliveries). I crewed as First mate for a couple of months and then returned home.

For the next years I committed to furthering my education and as mentioned, became an energy and environmental technician. Sailing was put to the back of my mind until I heard of some people, racing 5.80-meter self-built Sailboats across the Atlantic and planning to do so, in a Race around the world. My decision to take part in this adventure was made pretty much the instance I heard about it.

Sadly, I will not be able to make the 2024 Transat or 2025 Round the world race entry. But I do plan to participate in the next official event.

Portrait of Fabian Schmid Frames of Class GLobe  5.80 , Hull # 208 in the Background
Portrait of Fabian Schmid Frames of Class GLobe  5.80 , Hull # 208 in the Background