Getting Started

To the drawing bord and beyond. See how I got started drawing and building the frames, assembling the wood for construction and building some tools

Fabian Schmid


October 1st I officially moved into my workspace. This probably marks the start of my journey building the Class Globe 5.80 hull Nr. 208 Driftingdonkey.

In early October I ordered the plywood from Sommerfeld & Thiele in Germany. I also coordinated with a couple friends of mine, at Holzimpuls in Thun, to order the construction wood for the strongback and some nice sawn pine boards for the stringers etc.

It took another friend and me, a full workday to cut the softwood out of the pine boards. The result was amazing. The wood planed on all 4 sides and calibrated with the belt sander on 2 surfaces. I had previously made an Excell parts sheet. I spent another day on the Oak parts. Everything was done at Holzimpuls in Thun. Thanks so much for your support!

Back at my own workshop I glued up some oak boards for the mast support beam and compression posts. The keel-floors I was able to cut out of one peace.

I stretched out the drawing over e couple of weeks as it takes a lot of focus. And I drew up all the frames including frame S, which I later decided to build only once the boat is flipped.

In the meantime, I built some tools that will become handy later on.